Discover the Geographical Location of the Secret Garden.

Interested in where the magic gardens once grew?Read on. If not, peace, be cool, and live today like there is no tomorrow.

The specific place where secret gardens once grew remains as it was when the gardens existed. Much of the path from the road entrance can be followed along the creek to where the gardens thrived. Of course, nothing is permanent except change, and the landscape where the crops grew is no exception. Humanoid development has replaced much of the unspoiled, natural terrain which hid and protected the gardens. Still, the exact areas, the locations where the magic gardens were planted, nourished, maintained, and harvested is intact.

If you are interested in the geographical location where the magic gardens once flourished, you can find the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates in the book. If you decipher the exact area you will receive a Certificate of Discovery for your effort, either by email or a cooler version printed on hemp paper by mail--no charge. Look for the clues while you are reading, or after you have finished the story.

The location of the secret gardens is in Latitude North and Longitude West. The coordinates are in pairs of numbers for degrees and minutes, and in three numbers representing the seconds, divided by a decimal point.

11* 22’ 33.4” N
55* 66’ 77.8” W

Roll one up, pop open a brew, and check out the clues:

The last two numbers of the year of an Ohio license plate Turner was excited to find. No wonder Fast Eddy called him a simpleton.

Walt was impressed with this Ford coupe, but Turner wasn’t sure about the color.

SECONDS before decimal point:
The decade and year (last two numbers) of a political campaign poster.

SECOND after decimal point:
Number of years Whitey had been growing all organic gardens.

Temperature on an early August morning.

The year of the classic convertible Walt and Whitey were checking out during the last Rock and Roll dance of the summer.

SECONDS before decimal point:
Number of minutes past the hour on an early December morning.

SECOND after the decimal point: Jeff, the resident asshole, had smoked the herb this number of times before a late night weekly debate.

Got the location? Look it up and check out the place where secret, magic gardens grew, matured, flowered, and produced big, fat, sticky buds under the hot summer sun.
Certificate of Discovery: Email the coordinates and preference of certificate to:

Wherever you are, or what you are doing, if you are enjoying life at no ones expense, you are living an adventure.

Leonard Lyon

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